Teen Wise

Teenwise was formed when founder, Robert Austin, took part in NCS Leaders. NCS Leaders 2012 took the top 100 leaders out of 30,000 people around the country.

During that week Robert decided to create a voluntary group on the Internet to help promote the true image of young people. Within a month of the plans he saw his team grow to people from across the country.


However, Robert did not have a name for this project… he needed a name fast! So he came up with a few names for the project. He asked friends and family what they thought about the names for the project, Teenwise was the most liked name.


Robert came up with a plan for Teenwise but within few days past when he changed his mind about the plan as it was not enough. His new plan for Teenwise was to offer more than just an online newspaper.


He came up with a statement that was posted on the Teenwise Facebook page when he first created it. Here it is.

‘Teenagers are good people, if you watch TV, read newspapers or listen to the radio you will hear something bad about teenagers, it comes across that all teenagers are bad people. The media betrays all teenagers as rebellious, lazy, irresponsible, crime addicts and ‘mall rats’. However it is only a low percentage of teenagers that are listed.

You never hear any good stereotypes of teenagers; you never read anything good about teenagers, do you?

Teenwise has been created to show the public what real teenagers do. Teens are wise they are good people.’

This statement is used often and is still the founding message of the group.

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